I've been vaping Oishi for years! I just moved away from Virginia and can still get it by ordering online! Best juice out there, hands down.

daniel i. May 16,2018

Oishi Jusu is the best juice and is great priced. Oishi is brewed right here in Hamption roads and made with pride, anytime i vape you can bet it's Oishi.

derrick w.  April 21, 2018

All around the best I've vaped on so far. It's smooth and the flavors are amazing. I would recommend this to anyone in need of an everyday juice. Lemon geisha and Tokyo Roar will send you.

micah h. January 9,2018

Best Juice out there right now.

brad (Owner of BD Vapes) Oct 17,2017

Oishi Jusu was the first ejuice I ever tried. 3 years later and I'm still hooked. So many flavors, huge variety, each one unique and delicious.

markie n.  February 7,2018

Ever since I have discovered Oishi, I've fallen in love with this juice line. It is simply all I vape because I have yet to find a juice line that better satisfies my taste buds. My favorite's are Blue Ronin, Red Ronin, and Emperor's Orchard by far.

peter d. March 29,2018

Oishi Jusu is absolutely the best line I've ever had. I have not tried a single flavor that wasn't delicious. It's my all day vape on a dripper or a sub ohm tank. The flavors are impeccable and one of a kind. If you haven't had any, I promise you're life is incomplete.

cassie m. May 16,2018